Welcome To My Corner of the Internet

Hello! Hi! And welcome to my corner of the internet! Don’t I sound like those way too desperate commercial salespeople who convince you to buy their hair de-frizzing shampoos? I hope not. I’m not very good at introductions, as you can probably tell. I’m Anna, a teenage girl living an average teenage life. However hard I search for adventure, I never seem to find it. I love food, books, dance and music. A LOT. I also love myself (hope that doesn’t sound too self obsessed 🤣). And I love whoever’s reading this because it means so much to me that you were bothered enough to click on this. Thank. You. So. Much.

Pretty much the whole world is in lockdown right now, and I’m just trying to spread some positivity. As you can tell, my blog isn’t super formal. I never was good at super formal, and probably never will be. I’m an aspiring journalist, actress and singer, and one thing you should probably know about me is that I don’t dream big dreams. I dream MASSIVE dreams.

Follow me if you want to see awesome content, because awesome content is what I try to give you.

Another thing I’m really bad at is conclusions. Ummmm…I guess seeya? Wait why did ummmmmmm just auto-correct to mummy? Urrggghh. I hate auto-correct. Now I’ll have to re-do my conclusion.

Please like and comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to sound to desperate but, I wanna know what you guys think!! Talk to me!!

Until my next post! Anna xx

1 thought on “Welcome To My Corner of the Internet”

  1. Okay but we are literally long lost twins. ❤ I love your introduction so much and trust me my first post I struggled so much with my conclusion. 😂 Sis you are going to go places – I love your blog already! ❤

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