5 Ways to Disappear Boredom

I’m back! And this time with 5 ways to deal with the boredom of quarantine with our families. Trust me, I know how hard it is. I am still getting used to not being able to go outside, and online school:( But I’ve decided to help you guys out of that with the fun ideas I’ve thought up for my sister and I. Good news. They actually work!!

  1. Start a journal, or a personal blog. It can be any kind of journal, like an art journal or a scrapbook. I usually write a journal, and I find it helps me get rid of all these feelings bottled up inside me. Long story short: It makes me feel better. Especially during this, shall we say, unique time in history, it will help. Trust me. And a blog is pretty self explanatory. Start an online blog, write about what you want. Easy!
  2. Keep fit. Have at least one hour a day of physical activity. I LOVE dancing, so this means when I start, I can’t stop for at least an hour and a half. It keeps me fit, and makes me happy.
  3. Write a song. It might sound weird, but writing songs actually help you release emotions easily. Plus venting all those feelings in a catchy tune is strangely satisfying:)
  4. Do some family game time. I understand, that as teens, when we’re cooped up with family for a long time, the last thing you want to do is spend MORE time with them. But I spent some time with my family, and I realized that I forgot how awesome family game time can be. So seriously guys. You remember the games probably gathering dust in the back of the shelves? Get them out and rediscover the fun of board games!
  5. Do things you really wanted to do, but just didn’t have enough time. You have a lot of time to splurge, so do what you wanted to, but just haven’t been able to! For me, this was FINALLY able to use my fake nails kit. For some people it might be learning that new Tik Tok dance!

I hope these have helped. See you in my next post! Anna xx

*Picture credits: The Joy of Boredom- Steve Lovelace From

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Disappear Boredom”

  1. Ahhh I absolutely love these! ❤ When you said an hour of physical activity, I was like oop. 😂 Okay but I will say that chores around the house is considered physical activity. When I tell you stirring soup is an arm workout, I'm not kidding. 😂 Love this post!

    1. Thank you !! ❤ I have to actually do more than an hour of physical activity a day because I dance and I've just learnt to tell with it however much my muscles scream in protest😂 Haha for you stirring soup, for me doing the vacuum😂 Thank you!

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