How to Keep on Top of Your Schoolwork

Hey peeps! I’m back again, this time with a post I’ve honestly been meaning to write ever since I started this blog. Especially now, because schools have shut down, I’m having a hard time keeping up with all my assignments, and I decided that you should NOT have to go through the same thing. Here is my top advice for keeping up with schoolwork:

  1. Always have a planner handy. Believe me, I never used to believe anyone when they told me this. I used to think that my brain worked fine on its own. But ever since I started high school, I’ve realized that that is SO not true. Having a planner handy to see what tasks you’ve got coming up actually helps you manage your time really well. And as a result, you will not stress about last-minute tasks!
  2. Before working, make a to-do list. In order to have productive study sessions, I’ve found that making to-do lists actually is very effective. As I work along each task, I simply tick it off on the list. Another really helpful thing is to estimate how much time you think each task will take(realistically!) and write it next to your list.
  3. Get rid off all disruptions. I get that you might need to have your phone for homework,(and frankly, I hate not having my phone beside me) but make sure you turn off all other disruptions(tv, radio,etc.)
  4. Give yourself a break. After working really hard, my brain starts hurting(not literally;)) and I feel like I really need a break. Give yourself a 20 min break where you can check your phone, watch some you tube or go for a run.
  5. Put assignment/exam notifications on your phone. I’ve started doing this a lot, and I find that it is super helpful to have a reminder of my assessments so I don’t stress too much.

Are there any other strategies? Comment below:) Anna xx

*Picture Credits: Schoolbag with books and scattered stationery on desk

3 thoughts on “How to Keep on Top of Your Schoolwork”

  1. I love these ahhh!! I will definitely be trying these for my next school work session. Do you have any advice for concepts that you just don’t understand? Like despite the teacher explaining it, it just isn’t working out? I never had this happen to me in a classroom but with online learning, I’ve been feeling like so much is not clicking with me.

    1. Thank you!! I guess advice for that would be to look through textbook chapters and online courses again, because it’s been happening to me as well. I normally just look on the internet for resources that’ll help me understand the concept better, and slowly work it out. I find reading and taking notes on textbook chapters also realllyyy important.

      Girl I totally get you, and I hope things are gonna be easier from now<3

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