TV Shows to Binge Watch During Quarantine

Hey! A thing I’ve definitely started doing more since the quarantine period started is binge-watching loads if tv shows. I thought I could share a few of my favorites! While they may not be new, they definitely are something:)

  1. Good Luck Charlie. This is one show I’ve been watching and re-watching a million times. It is so funny, and so relatable. The show is for teens, but the jokes are all clean, so if you have a younger sibling(aged 7-10) they can watch as well!
  2. Hannah Montana. Who can forget Hannah Montana? I rediscovered this show and I’m wondering why I don’t watch it mre often. It is honestly super funny, and there’s a lesson learnt after every episode. Sweet!
  3. Gilmore Girls. I’ve only just started watching this tv show, but the first few episodes were enough to tell me that I am going to stick with it till the end. And then possibly rewatch;)
  4. Jonas. This show is about the band Jonas(Yup. Nick, Joe and Kevin) when they were teenagers. The first season of the show is super hilarious, and the second is a nail-biting drama. I STRONGLY recommend!

I hope I’ve saved you from the apocalypse of finishing all your favorite tv shows and having nothing left to watch. See you in my next post:) Anna xx

Picture Credits: Apartment Therapy- 21 ideas for keeping a perpetually clean living room

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