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Let’s Talk About: Self Esteem and Acceptance

Why is self acceptance so hard? Why is the self esteem of teenage girls so low? These were questions I asked myself at the age of ten, eleven, maybe twelve. I was convinced that I was so totally protected from low self esteem. And at that age the only person I was madly in love with was me. Then came teenage reality. It hit hard. At an era where the only thing most teenage girls are worried about is their looks, the disappointing reality is accepted. That having low self esteem is normal. But the truth is, it really isn’t.

I had a time where I was questioning everything about me. Why my eyes looked the way they did. Why my lips looked the way they did. Why I looked the way I did. It never happened before. Before, I used to call myself narcissist. I had self-confidence I think to an unhealthy level. So why now? I didn’t realise it before, but there are some toxic people on the world. People who act nice, but slowly affect you, like a slow acting poison. There was one girl who thought she was the best, and every single snide comment of hers affected me. I didn’t admit it, but I knew it did. She was the reason I kept questioning myself, and everything about me. Finally, I let it out. I cried, and poured everything out to my mum. I felt so much better. I remember one thing my mum said to me. “You only live once”. I followed my Mum’s advice, and learnt to block out the haters. I am so glad I did that,because never, ever should you let anyone break you.

Really, self esteem is all in the mind. You got one body. One life. You can’t change anything about you. So why not utilize it to your best advantage? Take care of your body. Take care of your mental health. Take care of yourself. You only live once.

You are beautiful just the way you are.

Sometimes people say, “Anna, you talk about self-acceptance and esteem and post about fashion. Why??” Because fashion is what makes me happy. It gives me more confidence. When you feel good inside, it will automatically reflect on the outside. Really,though, before following any fashion posts of mine or anyone else’s, always remember this. The thing you need to wear with style other than your clothes is confidence. Wear confidence, and you will slay.

Embrace all your flaws and imperfections. The first person you need to fall madly in love with is YOU.

Love, Anna ❤️

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