5 Reasons You Should Keep A Journal

Whassup!!!!!! I don’t know why that needed so many exclamation marks. Oh, well. I am back again with 5 reasons you guys should start keeping a journal! So I’ve been keeping a journal since the age of like, 7. I honestly wish I could have started way earlier, because I was reading through my old journal entries, and they are super funny. I actually can’t believe it was me writing those words 🤣.

  1. When you need to vent, your journal is where you can do it. Your journal is kind of like a wall to talk to, except if someone catches you writing in it, they won’t give you a weird look like they do when they catch you talking to the wall. Trust me. It’s happened before, and it wasn’t pretty.
  2. When you’re older, it can be something you can reflect on, and laugh at until your stomach hurts. I started reading my journal entries from when I was a kid, and I laugh-cried(you get what I mean?).
  3. Journals can also help your mental health. You feel like a weight has been taken of your shoulders when you write in your journal, thus making you less anxious.
  4. Journals improve your writing. For this one I want to give you the example of my sister. She wasn’t very good at writing when she first started, but as she started writing in her journal more, I can see she’s improved a TON. And she keeps improving with every entry she writes!
  5. Journals can also help you plan your day. Before our school handed out our school diaries, I used my journal to plan out all my tasks. This made it way easier for me to know what tasks I had due.

I hope after reading this you’ve decided to start a journal. Trust me, and start oneeeeeeeeee. NOW. You won’t regret it. Do you guys want me to do a post where I tell you how to start a journal?? Comment below!!

Until the next post! Anna xx

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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Keep A Journal”

    1. Tysm! Ikr, when I was reading my journal entries from when I was younger, i was like, “Was that really me?”They were so funny! I’m glad I reminded you to journal more:) Have an awesome week and thank you for commenting<3

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