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Positivity During Covid-19

Many of us feel scared, helpless and the total opposite of positive during these tough times. Why? Because we have the news on 24/7, everyone talks only about the corona virus, and a bunch of other stuff related to these two things(I couldn’t be bothered writing all of them 😋). I decided to write this post, because I am using some techniques to be slowly more positive about the corona virus and I thought I’d share them with you!

  1. To start off, TURN OFF THE NEWS. I mean, it’s good to keep up with the rest of the world but not if its affecting your mental health and making you a depressed, anxious person. It’s just not worth it. And besides, the only thing on the news nowadays is corona virus death-toll counts, infection counts and lockdown measures news. Why do we need all that negativity?
  2. Think about all the awesome things you’re going to do after lockdown measures are eased. You might be thinking, “Yea that ain’t gonna happen in a long, long time, Anna.” Even if it is not going to be over soon (but let’s still be optimistic), we know its going to happen SOMEDAY. And that day will probably be the happiest day of my life. I’m going to go outside with my friends, walk to the bus stop again, and I’m actually going to enjoy school. What about you?
  3. DREAM. I know this might sound weird, but take a moment to dream about a perfect life. With everything back to normal, and you enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with your friends or something. Go wild. The boundaries of reality don’t have to stop you!
  4. Do yoga. I’ve put some info about yoga in another one of my posts which I will link at the bottom. Yoga is a very relaxing, calming technique. After yoga, I honestly feel so much better about the world!
  5. Video chat with friends or people you miss. Just because we are physically isolated from all our friends, doesn’t mean that we have to completely ghost them! I know that I was freaking out, and that when I called my friend, just looking at her face calmed me down A LOT.

The above button is a link to my other post. I’m trying something new with the button thing:) I hope this helped! Stay safe!! Anna xx

5 thoughts on “Positivity During Covid-19”

  1. I loved No.2 SO MUCH. I mean, it has made me think! Maybe this pandemic had to come in to make us realise how lucky we were to have the lives that we had before. I actually want to sit at lectures now, a thing I’ve hated to the extremes before. :))
    It made me think, when you said “I’m actually doing to enjoy school”.


    1. Yassss exactly! First of all, thank you so much for your time in reading the post! I love your blog❤️. And, ikr! The life I had before which I thought was boring and average is now my idea of perfect. I now really, really want to sit down in my classes again. I would give anything! Thank you so much for your comment and have an amazing week!❣️

      1. You’re welcomee :)))
        Also thank YOU, I’m so happy you liked my blog❤😃
        And yeah! That’s so true. Also I miss the hugs so muchh🥺
        Xx Thanks have a great week too and stay safe! 😀

  2. i agree with number 1. need to take a breather from it all sometimes. i used to look up the daily death tolls in the uk every morning and night just to see how we’re being affected and look at the stats worldwide but that ish hits like oof and now instead i look at it occasionally but reading stories of people raising money for the NHS, having clapping minutes to appreciate key workers ect warms the heart and shows how we’re all powering through and supporting each other

    1. Yeah. Sometimes we have to look at the positives, not negatives. I mean we know that this IS going to be over. I think this crisis has brought us all closer in one way. We now understand the amount of work front line workers do. We are finally appreciating the beautiful,good things around us. Have an awesome week and tysm for reading❣️!

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