My Quarantine Workout Routine

Ever since quarantine started, I’ve been trying to take this positively, and do something constructive. I’ve been reading, writing blog posts, and……..WORKING OUT!! Yes! Anna is finally starting to get off the couch and do something other than dance! I thought I’d share what workouts I do, and my workout routine with you guys!

First: Dance. I know I said doing something other than dance but I always start off my workout routines with dance, and some of my favorite music. This actually puts some fun into burning calories, and it’s good practice for when this virus mess is all over and I have to give live performances again.

The second thing I do: Workouts from Chloe Ting’s channel. I found her channel after her ‘Get Abs In Two Weeks ‘ video went viral, and it is REALLY good. I suggest you go check it out if you haven’t already.

Third: Classical Dance. And again. Dance comes back😅. All forms of classical dance, be it ballet, kathak or bharatanatyam are really beneficial in developing strong muscles. I do at least half an hour of classical dance a day, and I feel really good about myself after that.

Most days, before I start my workout, I go for a kilometre jog. And then a short sprint. But on days I feel like even more running, I go at least 2 kilometres. Maybe even more. *proudly tells you*😂 .

I know in some places you guys live, you can’t go outside, but in Australia, going outside for exercises is allowed, and I am really grateful for that. I have to be super careful not to touch anything though, otherwise my Dad tells me to sanitize my hands like 253525362563561553 times. 😂.

What is your workout routine? What are some exercises you guys do? Comment in the comment section because I really need new workouts…….. wash your hands, and stay safe! Anna xx

9 thoughts on “My Quarantine Workout Routine”

  1. Hey oh my god, I’m doing Chloe Ting’s 2 weeks workout challenge too! It’s extremely hard for me hahahahaha. We can motivate each other now😂

    1. Really? What a coincidence! I know, it’s so hard for me too:( Yesss girl! We can be like each other’s cheerleaders 😂

      1. Yessss we can create songs for each other. Go Anna, go Anna!😂💃🏻. It’s so cool that you dance! I’ve always wanted to because it looked cool when others did, but when I dance I look like a kangaroo twerking (I don’t know what I’m saying at this point in life please ignore me :)😂)

  2. Love this post! I needed motivation haha. My current workout routine consists of going from my bed to my desk and back and occasionally going to play tennis:*)
    Awesome blog!

    1. You play tennis? That’s so cool! Tysm❤️. Yeah haha before I started working out, my “workout” consisted of going from my couch to the fridge😂. I’m so glad I could motivate you:)

  3. wow girl check you out! very inspiring! and you go running wowowow.

    I used to go for walks on my lunches or parks. really miss that right now

    don’t have a workout routine haha. sometimes go in the garden to skip if bored. perhaps I should try a routine out

    1. awwww thank you!! xx I honestly feel like the routine has helped me feel more productive:) I didn’t have a workout routine until a week before I wrote the post 😂.

      I get how you feel. When they first started the lockdown in Australia, we were still allowed to go outside, but people were all freaked out and no-one let me outside. I used to REALLY miss my walks then.

      Stay safe! Anna xx

      1. oh that’s really good to hear! well, i’m glad to hear you created one and you’ve stayed loyal to it! so proud of you!

        really glad you can go outside safely now and have your walks/runs! i’m still waiting to be allowed to crawl back outside. it’s not the same thing messing around in your garden haha

        plus the skies are so blueee and dreamyyyy

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