Monthly Wrap-Ups

Monthly Wrap Up: April 2020

Heyyyyyy. I know I’m a bit late for an April wrap up, because we’re already 5 days into May(omg!), but here it is now. And can I just say, this is my first ever monthly wrap up for me! Yayyy! I can’t believe I started my blog just this month.

I’m honestly on cloud 9 because of the amount of support and love you guys have shown me. I’m really, really grateful. ❤️

Enough with the cheesy stuff. Let’s dive right in!


Not much. It’s mainly all school work, movies and workouts. I’m trying to take this time to do something productive, so I started working out and I also started this blog. Yes! In a few days, this blog will be celebrating it’s month-iversary! I’m so excited! You can probably tell by the tone of my voice. 😂 Wait, I forgot that you couldn’t actually hear me😋

This month’s been a crazy month for all of us. Between managing our study schedules, mental health and a bunch of other stuff, we’re all taking a ride on the emotional roller coaster. I just wanted to let y’all know that I got your back, and you can email me if you ever need to talk.

I also started a dream diary this month (more on that in a later post!), and I can’t wait to read all my dreams at the end of May. I’ve been getting some REALLY crazy ones, and I tried using a dream decoder on the web, but I don’t think they work. Just giving you guys a heads-up, don’t obsess over what you see on dream decoders, because really, sometimes there can be absolutely zero meaning to your dreams.


For school, at the moment we are still continuing online school. There’s a lot in the ‘pros’ side of online school, like being able to not wear your uniform to classes, being able to chill a lot and stuff, but for my extrovert self, online school sucks. I can’t meet my friends in person, I can’t meet my teachers in person, and I can’t ACTUALLY walk on school campus. Oh, well. 😐

Another reason I really don’t like online school is because of the amount of work I have to do. It’s actually more than the amount I would have if I actually went to school. We just started French, and I think that’s going to be my biggest challenge yet. I know absolutely no French. As much as I’m trying to study, I STILL don’t get the difference between masculine and feminine nouns.

Did I mention that I’m ACTUALLY, IN PERSON going to school on May 11th? I probably did, but I’m really, really excited! Even though it’s only once a week, every coming Monday will be the happiest days of my life! I can’t wait to talk to my friends again! I’m smiling so much just thinking about it! I THINK MY CHEEKS ARE GOING TO FALL OFF!


I got a bunch of really wacky dreams this month. Like I had this really weird one, where I was on the bus, and there was this really slow background music everywhere, and when I turned around to see where it was coming from, I saw a dude’s curly hair. Not his face, just the hair on his head. Then everyone started SINGING the background music song. Yeah. That was really creepy because I had no idea who the dude was, and it was turning into a bit of a nightmare because he followed me off the bus as well. I got so freaked out but then for some reason I invited him to my house.

If that isn’t weird I don’t know what is.

I also had this dream where this gigantic lady dressed in green was trying to chase me, and we were surrounded by fire. That dream made absolutely zero sense.

Movies I watched in April

Hindi and Telugu:

In April, I completely dedicated myself to watching Indian movies, mostly Telugu and Hindi, to understand the language better. I did watch some English movies too, though.

Pelli Choopulu-Starring Vijay Deverakonda and Ritu Varma: I really liked this movie because of the fact that it was shot in a very realistic angle. There was not much drama or fighting, and it showed a lot of real life issues. It is a romantic movie, and it is based on two real-life stories. Language: Telugu

Krrish Starring Hritik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra: This movie is the TOTAL opposite of the first one. While the first one is very realistic, this is a SUPER HERO MOVIE!! It is so, so thrilling, and there are tons of twists in the plot. Language: Hindi

ChaloStarring Naga Shaurya and Rashmika Mandana: Super, Super funny movie. Again, the twists in the plot are what keep you on the edge of your seat. It also revolves, very very little, around real life events, aka the Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh separation. Language: Telugu

Bhale Manchi RojuStarring Sudheer Babu and Waqima Gabbi: Ok. This was one of my FAVOURITE movies out of the lot. This is a crime comedy and romance, and there are so MANY twists in the plot. It’s really, really exciting, and for any telugu people out there, I STRONGLY recommend. Language: Telugu

Jab We Met- Starring Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor: It’s a really funny, cute movie about a bubbly girl who will talk to anybody, and then keep on talking (sounds like me right?) and a quiet, reserved young man. When he meets the really talkative girl, his life changes forever. Language: Hindi


Bad Hair Day: Really sweet, funny and heartwarming movie. I’m gonna do a movie review on this later, so I’m not going to spill much.

And that’s a few of the movies I watched this month. I mean, I watched loads more, but if I were to write them all down, this post would be SUPER long.

My Favorites This Month

Favorite Blogs:

These blogs aren’t in the order of favorites. I binge all these blogs the same, and the people who write the blogs are really amazing bloggers.

Favorite Food: Samosa and Gajar Halwa. Anna’s feeling Indian.

Favorite TV Show: The Unlisted. It’s AWESOME. It’s shot in Australia, the main characters are Indian, and it is super, super thrilling.

Favorite Book: As much as I don’t like to say it, I didn’t read any new books this month. I just kept re- reading old ones, and other than Harry Potter, I don’t have any favorites.

Goals For Next Month:

  • Read at least 3 books
  • Stop procrastinating homework
  • Double your workout time
  • Practice dance every day
  • Make a schedule
  • Stick to that schedule at least 6 days in a row

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap! How was your month? What are your opinions on online school? Are there any books you could recommend? I appreciate all your comments from the bottom of my heart! Until my next post! Anna xx

8 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: April 2020”

    1. You’re welcome:) I really, really love your blog❤️ Haha yes French is soooo hard to learn😂 awwww tysm<3

  1. HAPPY MAY ANNA!b<3 hope you get all your goals done and i'm sending you all my good vibes and love!!

    i see that you've been watching some of your fac actors movies ay ay check you out girl!

    wow your dreams sound super crazy haha, but i also have many weird, crazy dreams that have no link to my day whatsoever haha

    and OMG GIRRRRRL my heart has been melted into a puddle. you are so sweet shouting me out on your blog. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR LOVE, AND SUPPORT AND YOUR COMMENTS MAKE MY DAY AS DO YOUR EMAILS ❤ i am here to support you foreverrrr likewise!!

    1. Happy May to you too!! I’m sorry I’m replying late, I saw this comment like just now. THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH! Your love and support literally mean everything to me, and you’ve literally been an Akka to me when it comes to blogging. Your help, emails and comments literally make me so happy!!

      Haha yea I’ve been binging a lot of my fav actors’ movies, to understand the language better:)

      YOU”RE WELCOME! You completely deserved it. Your blog is an amazing blog, and an inspiration to so many people ❤ ❤
      Awww thank you!!! Have an awesome week ❤

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