A Day In The Study Life of Anna ( tips for studying, dealing with exam stress + more)

Hey guys!

I’ve been studying a lot lately, and the exam pressure’s been very high. Since all I’ve been doing is studying, I decided to write a day in the study life of Anna post. This post also has exam pressure tips, tips for studying and more. Soooo let’s get started!

My Study Routine

On days I have online classes, my study routine would be different to when I decide to do self-study. On online school days, my routine goes something like this:

  • 9:00- Log onto classes, tick attendance
  • 9:05- If there are any live lessons, I tune into those. TIP: Even if your lessons/lectures are recorded, attend them real-time. This helps you keep track of your schedule.
  • 9:40- After a lesson/lecture, I study the subject by myself, or I finish some assignments. To help better manage my time, if on my regular school timetable I have history, then I complete my history assignments. If I have maths, I do maths and so on.
  • 10:10- BREAK!!!! I either continue finishing my assignments, or most of the time I go outside (into my living room) to just chill, and sometimes have brunch.
  • 10:30- Back in lessons. Attend a lecture, and clarify any doubts
  • 11:10- Assignments/ self study of timetabled subjects
  • 11:50- 10 min break. I relax my eyes, and take 10 mins off devices. Sometimes I listen to music, or I listen to a short bit of a religion podcast(I’m Hindu by the way, if you were wondering)
  • 12:00- Attend a lecture. Again.
  • 12:40 – Self study. This time it’s any work I actually need to finish. From different classes which aren’t related to core subjects. Most of the time I work on agriculture, art or music.
  • 1:20- LUNCH BREAK!! I take some time to go watch an episode of my fav tv show, and also to have lunch(well, duh Anna)
  • 2:10- Online Lesson
  • 2:50- Wrap up for the day, clean my desk and my room etc.
  • 3:06- ( I know that’s really precise but it’s what time my school would end if I was on campus) School ends!!

That’s what my average study weekday would look like. On weekends, I give myself some leniency, but if I have exams, then NOT so much. Here is what my typical weekend study routine would look like:

  • 12:00- Self study( before 12, I have a looooong dance class, and then I have brunch)
  • 2:30- Finish self study
  • 5:30- ( in between I watch a movie) finish hw/assignments

It’s really short, but as I said, I give myself a lot of leniency on the weekends, and other than if I’m cramming for exams, this is what my routine would look like. Next comes my top tips for managing exam pressure. Managing exam pressure is really important because the mores stressed you are about something, the less likely you are to do well in it.

Dealing With Exam Pressure

Exam pressure is a really, really common thing that nearly everyone has experienced. So, you’re not the only one! I’ve been writing a lot more exams recently, and the pressure’s also been very high. But luckily, I have a mental health and well being class in school which is compulsory for every student to attend, and I’ve learnt a lot of really useful techniques in that class. So I’m going to share them with you!

Our teacher said that for managing exam pressure, the first thing you need to do is have a calm atmosphere around you. You can use the calmness to compose yourself, and just breathe. Also focus on the positives. One aspect of exam pressure, and don’t get me wrong, it’s not always this way, but one aspect is parent pressure.

I know that a lot of my friend’s parents (we’re from an academically selective school, grades are important) unknowingly put a lot of pressure on my friends. They don’t mean to, but they end up doing it. While this may seem very stressful, your parents only want the best for you. TIP: Choose a time where your parent/guardian is in a good mood, and just talk about your feelings. Negotiate, and tell them YOUR realistic expectations of your grades. Regularly fill them in on what’s happening at school, History is very hard, I need help with Maths etc. This way they will know what subjects you have trouble with and they can try to help/support you.

if your anxiousness is very high, you can try going to talk to the school counselor. Though I’ve never been to one, my friends have and they say that the counselors are very kind, helpful people who will really help you out of any situation. If you want your counselor visit to remain anonymous(though there’s nothing to be embarrassed about) you can request the counselor to keep it secret, and I’m sure they will agree. You can also try practicing yoga or meditation. I did this when I was writing a really important entrance exam, and it helped keep me grounded and composed.

Study Tips

For an effective study session, find a good study environment. This means that there is no one screaming where you are (yup, I’m talking about my sister), there aren’t any disturbances, and you can focus on your studying.

Don’t study and tire yourself until your brain hurts(this is something I learnt from personal experience). Figure out how you work best, short study sessions, or long study sessions. Take frequent breaks, and remember to eat healthy and keep hydrated.

Me, after class

If you want more info on how to manage your studying, you can read my other study advice post here.

That’s all for today, guys, but before you go, I have a tinnnyyyyy request. I’m planning to do a post where I bust common myths about Hinduism and answer any questions you guys might have, so if you have a question about Hinduism, you can comment below.

What questions do you have about Hinduism?

Do you guys have any advice about studying?

Was this post helpful?

Comment below guys! I love hearing from you! Stay safe and wash your hands!

Anna xx

10 thoughts on “A Day In The Study Life of Anna ( tips for studying, dealing with exam stress + more)”

  1. That was a super cool routine!! Even though it’s one that’s probably made by school, I miss having these a lot. (My online classes are mostly revision/doubt sessions since there is only the end-exmas left for us. Aahh)
    Really thankful now. I was in bad need of a routineπŸ˜‚πŸ˜βœŒ

    Also yesss! A post about Hinduism would be veryy cool. I wouldn’t really like to share my views on religion just yet, but let’s say that’s one religion I feel very favourable towards. :)) So yes!

    1. Awww thank you!! Haha yes it’s kind of made by school, and I have a feeling a lot of students are stressed because of exams:)

      Yayy thanks! I was wondering whether to share my views on religion, since it’s a kind of personal topic, but then I thought “Why not?” I’m so glad I’m receiving so much support from you:) Thank you sooooo much<3

  2. omg i loved reading this post. i began studying again after a month’s break from the books last weekend. and it’s gone really well and reading your study schedule and tips ect really made me feel even more motivated and determined to continue the routine i have going.

    so on weekdays i study for up to 2/3 hours depending on how long it takes me to get my tasks down. on the weekends i spend the morning say 8-3 ish studying. (times can vary depending on how heavy the content i need to nail is and if i wake up on time lol)

    excited to read your hindu myth busting post!!

    1. I’m so glad!! Woah you study so dedicatedly girl! I have to learn that from you:) Haha yes my weekend study routine also sometimes depends on whether I wake up on time or not. 8-3 ish? Wow wow wow. Thank you sooo much for all your support<3

  3. great post! ive been needing some motivation to get back on track with online school and this really helped! also, i can’t wait to see your post about busting hindu myths; as a fellow hindu it’ll be really nixe to read πŸ™‚

    1. Tysm! Ayyyy I haven’t met a lot of Hindu bloggers!! Thank you again for reading and commenting<3

  4. I loved all these tips- online school is good in a way but bad in other ways too 😭. I would be so pumped to have you do a Hinduism Q&A too!! I don’t really have any questions XD but I’m so excited 🀩

    1. Aww thanks!! Exactly sometimes it’s fun and sometimes you wish things were normal:( Thank you again!!

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