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Let’s Talk About: Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Body

Hi guys! This is going to be a long rant, so buckle up, we’re going on a ride!

I recently watched a video, or should I say, a Ted Talk by the model Cameron Russell. This video was true in every sense, and got me thinking . So I decided to do a blog post on this. Let’s start!

You’ve probably heard a lot of people saying “Look’s don’t matter, it’s personality that matters.” And yes, it’s true. Looks don’t define you, and will never define you. Never should you feel that you are worthless because of the way you look.

In the video, Cameron Russell said that “models are probably the most insecure women on the planet.” Why? Because as much as being told you are beautiful raises your self esteem, being told that you’ve put on the slightest bit of weight, or have a pimple on your face brings your self esteem plummeting to the ground.

As teenage girls, we’re already trying to figure ourselves out. We want to look good. We want compliments. We want people to turn around and stare when we walk into a room. We want a glamorous life, and constantly compare ourselves to the seemingly perfect women on magazine covers. But do the ‘magazine ladies’ really look like that?

Cameron answered a very important question on the talk. Do they retouch all the photos after a photo shoot? She said that yes, they did. But that was only half the story. The truth is, all people are the same. The people and girls you see on magazine covers, that’s not the real them. Cameron even bought out photos of her behind the screen, and compared them with the ones on magazines.

So at this point, while researching this topic, I found a psychological fact. That it takes only seven seconds to form an impression of somebody. Just the first seven seconds. You can’t possibly talk to someone and form a thorough impression of someone in just seven seconds. So the next conclusion we come to is looks. When a person sees you for the first time, their brain brands you depending on whether they think you are ‘pretty’ or ‘ugly’. I feel like giving a loonnng lecture to the person who deemed it appropriate to use the word ‘ugly’ on human beings. It’s use has led to several things, self harm and depression just a few. So if your brain brands a person on being ugly, or good looking, you’ll automatically decide whether they are someone who you want to talk to or not, right? Wrong.

While the first seven seconds are crucial to develop a first impression, SO IS THEIR BEHAVIOR AND PERSONALITY!! Talk to someone before you judge them, people! Or better, don’t judge them at all! Every person is different, and has no right to be judged by society.

I came across another video, where girls aged 6-18 years old talked about body image. Young girls, as young as 10, said that they didn’t feel beautiful because they weren’t as skinny as their friends! That is the LAST thing a 10 year old needs on their mind. At their age, they should be running around, carefree, not giving a damn about what people think. It used to be like that. It’s SUPPOSED to be like that!

No-one is born ugly. We’re just born in a judgmental society.

Kim Namjoon

Those are words of wisdom. If our society wasn’t as judgmental as it is today, would anybody feel insecure in their body? No. If people weren’t branded “ugly”, would anyone feel like they are worthless? No. If everyone was just that little bit kinder, would everyone love themselves like they should? Yes.

See, no one gave anybody a definition of beauty. Beauty is in people’s own eyes. To me, beauty is when someone is kind, caring and friendly. It is when that person helps everybody regardless of who they are and what they look like. To me, personality defines beauty.

At least now, models aren’t being chosen on their looks or ethnicity. We are slowly beginning to open our judgmental minds, and we are looking for fresh faces. Ones with smiles that could light up a city. The next time someone comments on how you look, DON”T GIVE A DAMN. Because seriously. Haters gonna hate. Players gonna play. Heart breakers gonna break (yes, it’s all Taylor Swift). So what you gotta do is Shake It Off!

For anyone of you who watched the video of Cameron Russell’s Ted Talk and are thinking, “Well, easy for her to talk about looks, she’s pretty!” That’s just what you guys think. You guys might think she’s pretty. Others might think she ain’t. You know why I find Cameron Russell beautiful? It’s because she’s standing up for what she believes in, and exposing the harsh realities of modelling, even though that could make her lose modelling jobs.

Finally, if you guys think of me as a hypocrite for saying how looks aren’t important and then posting about makeup, well I’m gonna Shake It Off. Because makeup makes me feel happy, it is an art, and how much makeup you ever put on, I know that it can never change the real you.

Feel comfortable in you own body, because it’s the only one you have!

Thanks for letting me rant/vent, guys.  😅

What did you think about today’s post? Did you agree with my point of view? Is there anything you’d like to share about this topic?

Thank you so much for reading, and see you in my next post! Ta-ta, and stay safe!
Anna xx

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36 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Body”

  1. THIS POST WAS SO IMPORTANT. but seriously, it means the world that you wrote about this !! the phrase “no one is born ugly, just born in a judgemental society” really resonated with me because it’s completely true. in a world of face tune, retouching, and a praising beauty above all else, it’s incredibly important to write about topics like these 💖

    1. Aww tysm!! I feel so happy that you decided to comment such a sweet comment! Exactly! These days the world has become so artificial and the only thing praised is beauty! That honestly needs to stop because there are so many more important things. Again, thank you so much<3

  2. GIRL GO OFF! I totally agree with you- society’s stupid beauty standards are AWFUL and we as a society need yo unlearn them. Thank you for shedding light on this topic! 💙

    1. Exactly! Society’s put so much pressure on what girls need to focus on and I think it should stop! Tysm Aditi<3

  3. Great post! This is something everyone needs to understand. Love yourself, Speak yourself 💜💜
    Namjoon’s quote is very very true.
    Stay safe fellow ARMY!
    -Prutha xoxo

    1. Aww thanks! Woah. Love yourself, speak yourself. That was deep! I love Namjoon<3.
      Stay safe Prutha!

  4. SUPER LOVE THIS POST! Thank you so much for sharing this and it’s my first time knowing about it only takes seven seconds to form an impression on one’s mind. Woah.

    I agree that we should all love our bodies, our imperfections and that we hype ourselves the way we want. 🙂 I also agree that make up is an art, and if someone wants to do so, then just let them be. ❤

    Stay safe!
    – Jirah Merizz

    1. Tysm! When I first found out about he seven seconds I was really surprised too!

      Our imperfections are what make us beautiful:) So do our differences. Yassss let people be! Let them do what they want:)
      Thank you so much for commenting I really enjoy reading your blog<3
      You too! xxxxx

  5. I’m so glad that you dropped by my blog, because I would’ve taken longer to meet you!! What an inspirational post, and I totally agree with everything you said! I watched that video of girls of all ages talking about their bodies, and it broke my heart that even girls at such a young age view themselves so critically. Hope more readers see this, everyone deserves this kind of love ❤️ Love yourself, speak yourself 💜Gonna go listen to 21st Century Girl now….

    1. Awww thank you SO MUCH!! Your comments literally made my day. I know, it was so sad watching those young girls talking about themselves so critically. 😥 I felt so sad. Girl, thank you so much❤️. Haha yes BTS is so inspiring!! I literally listen to their songs for a self boost. I loved their 21st Century Girls! Stay safe and big hugs❤️

      1. Anytime, Anna!! :)) Agreed, things will only get better if girls keep on supporting each other for both their good and “bad” sides. Awww, hahahha just saying the truth! Right? It’s the same for me – their songs have this healing power that not a lot of artists have! What’s your favourite BTS song? Hope things are getting better where you are too! ❤ ❤

      2. Awww thank you so much!! My fav BTS song would be Idol or Boy With Luv… I can’t really choose between them:)
        Things are getting slightly better here, we’re now allowed to go back to school once a week. Stay safe girl ❤ ❤

      3. Yessss those two are awesome!! Mine would have to be some of their side tracks!

        That’s really really good, hopefully it’ll stay that way where you are! For me, HK is finally getting a bit better and I’m actually starting school this Friday! You too girlie 🙂

      4. Yup, we’re hoping it’ll stay like this 🙂 Yayy you’re going back to school!!! Are you excited?

        Hopefully this virus mess gets over quick.
        Anna ❤ ❤

      5. Yesss, I’m excited and a bit nervous! It’s been almost 5 months since I’ve been back! How’s school for you? 🙂

        Same here!!
        Frosty ❤

      6. That’s really good! Over here they’re starting school full time again, and I’m kinda nervous. It seems like I forgot what its like to do regular exams😅😂.

        Have an awesome week♥️

      7. Omg, good luck, you’ll do amazing 💕It’s the same for me – we’re back full time tomorrow and they’re cramming in all the tests and assessments!! I totally get how you feel! All I know is how to sit at home, blog and eat now haha!

        Have a great time at school :))

      8. Aww thank you!! So will you♥️. Good luck for your exams! I’m sure you’ll rock🎸. Haha same😂

        You too! :))

  6. Fantastic topical issue and invaluable words of encouragement. I really like seeing folks giving dialogue and attention to such issues because they are very serious matters, especially for kids and the much younger age group who may be going through “growing pains”.
    This is not to say that things go smooth all the time and that there aren’t times where I question life and my actions etc, but I personally feel TERRIFIC in my own skin and I can honestly say that it is the best feeling 👍😄

    1. Aww thank you! I felt like this was an issue that needed to be addressed because some people think so less of themselves you know?

      Haha yes feeling good about yourself is the best feeling !

      1. Hahaha yes, exactly Anna that is true 💯 🙌

        Depression and low self-esteem and anxiety are indeed very hard on many individuals and some of us may take compassionate reminders like these for-granted, but it does really mean alot to those who maybe going through these phases, so this was just awesome hahaa

        Have a great day and an even greater week 🎈🎊✌😂

  7. This post was exactly what I have been needing recently. I have also come across of Cameron Russel ted talk it spoke to me it was a big revelation. Recently I have been really self conscious of both my looks and personality. I don’t feel like I was pretty enough I felt to tall but yet to short too skinny but same time fat I felt to loud but then too quiet. Thank you so much for this post xx

    1. First, thank you so much! I really appreciate it ❤ And second, don't ever feel self conscious about yourself because I know this is cliche but you are beautiful just the way you are. In a world where you can be anybody, just be yourself! What other people say about you doesn't matter and the only words which have value are the ones spoken by people who love you and want to see you grow.

      I realised this some time ago because as a performer, I'm kind of used to receiving some kind of hate from people, and I used to really worry about but then I thought, you know what? Who cares? I used to also really feel self conscious when dancing, and then I realised that looking in the mirror, I am perfect the way I am, and so are you. Your parents love you, your friends love you, your fellow bloggers love you and basically that's all that matters.

      I'm sorry for such a long comment but self confidence is an issue that gets me talking for a really long time:)

      If you ever feel like you gotta talk, shoot me an email, and I'll be more than happy to respond:) I got your back girl! ❤
      Anna xx

      1. Thank you so much you really have no idea what this means to me. You really made my day. I can’t thank you enough for replying to my comment. Thank you a lot Anna I will take you up for your offer if I ever need someone to talk to. That offer also comes right back at you if you ever need someone to talk to I am always free to talk xxx

  8. Hi, Anna!
    Just found your blog and it’s amazing!!
    Also, I really love this post, so inspiring💖
    Ave From The Girls Glow Up Blog.

  9. You know, I here people say this all the time. Saying it and believing it are two different things, but I do think it is important to spread the belief that we were all made the way God wanted us to be. Love the post! It was very inspiring!💖😘

    1. Yes i completelt agree with you!! We were all made in God’s image and we are just the way God wanted us to be! Thank you 💞

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