Why You Should Start A Dream Diary Right Now!

Yo whassup! I know that was probably the weirdest and most cringe worthy of all my blog openings but you guys got to deal with it because I’m weird.

Two blog posts in a week? I’m so proud of myself 😁! Thank you guys for motivating me to keep blogging because honestly, this blog would have been nowhere without you.

Today’s post is going to be about starting a dream diary, and I hope you enjoy it!!

A dream diary is basically a diary or a journal, where you write all of your dreams. I had the awesome idea of starting one when I had a dream I really never wanted to forget because it was so nice and feel-good. To convince you guys to start one immediately, I made a list of reasons. Here we go:

Reason #1- If you feel like you never, ever want to forget a dream, why not write it down somewhere? What I starting doing along with writing down my dreams is that every time I write down a dream, I evaluate it, then I write a few comments below it (did I like this dream, what I think it means etc.). In the long run, if you happen to stumble across your dream diary, it will be so fun to actually read all of the dreams your younger self had!

Reason #2- It improves your creative writing a LOT! It isn’t like primary school, where we’re old to practice creative writing everyday, so we lose practice easily. Once I started writing my dream diary, it was actually really fun to go more into detail and describe all the characters and where the dream was set etc.

Reason #3- If you’re an author, and you write short stories or books, you’ll know that writer’s block is really common. However, (who says however anymore?) you can get inspired by your dreams! I mean, dreams are crazy and unpredictable, which make them a great source of inspiration for your short story or novel!

That’s it for today’s post! Short, and sweet (hopefully)! There’s an award post coming out tomorrow, and then on Sunday a regular post! I tried creating a timetable of when I should post but I love blogging, so I literally can’t stop posting randomly 😅.

So find a book, start a google doc, or whatever you want to use, but write down the dreams you remember RIGHT NOW. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Are you going to start a dream diary? Did this post inspire you to start one? How is your day going? Any quirky dreams you want to share?

Comment below because I love hearing from you guys! Also feel free to reach out and say hi via the contact me page😀.

Have an awesome day and keep smiling because you deserve it❤️. Anna xxx

12 thoughts on “Why You Should Start A Dream Diary Right Now!”

  1. Oof, this post is lovely! I totally was thinking about a dream diary a couple of months ago… And it comes at the right time, because I had a very weird one today😂 My dreams are popular among my friends for their details and quirk😂
    Anyway, I’m gonna try listing my dreams now!! Thank you❤

    1. Omg same!! My dreams are also popular among all my friends for how weird they are. Thank you so much!! You’re so sweet<3 I love your blog, btw. Your photography skills are INSANE. Heck, I don't even know which way the camera goes!! 😂

  2. You are so right!! Starting a dream diary sounds like such a sweet idea, I’d definitely want to try it out 🙂 There’s so many dreams that I want to keep track of (even the most, ahem, weirdest ones) just because it makes me laugh or realize more things about myself! And yes, it’ll definitely help with writing. Great post and idea! ❤️

    1. Yayy you should definitely try it out!! Haha yes after writing down my dreams the actually seem really bizarre to me…like omg what is my brain doing to me?? Tysm!! ❤

      1. Hahhaha it’s exactly the same for me too!! I’m like what is my brain trying to tell me?? It would be so cool to log them down because there’s loads of websites telling you what your dreams mean!

      2. Yasss!! It’s really fun to run dreams through a website to see what they mean!

    1. Hahaha then maybe you should just keep a diary?? I don’t know. I find it very hard to remember my dreams too, but when I do remember them I write them down 🙂

      1. Haha yeah- I’ve tried but for some reason I don’t think it’s for me lol. Oh well!! I’m glad it works for a lot of others though 🙂

  3. I recently started a dream journal and I’ve been pretty consistent. I’m the type of person who has so many dreams but then forgets them very easily if I don’t write it down. All these reasons are amazing and ah you’re so right about writer’s blocks. Looking at my dreams helps me evaluate what’s really been on my mind or what in my day influences my dreams. So it’s really cool to see!

    1. Omg sis we are legit twins😂 I’m also the type of person who forgets her dreams very easily!


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