Myths About Hinduism

Hey! This post was long overdue, and I’m sorry I posted so late, but school started again full-time, and we are having an OVERLOAD of homework. Seriously. I finally got rid of some workload, so I had time to blog😀 If I start ranting about school, I’m not going to stop, so let just start!

MYTH NUMBER #1- Hindus Pray To Cows

Not exactly. I mean, we do pray to cows, but we regard all animals as sacred, so we respect them like we would respect humans.

MYTH NUMBER #2- All Hindus Are Vegetarian

Noooooooooo. Absolutely not. In my opinion, I think vegetarians are the minority in the Hindu religion. In fact, I’m one of the only Hindu vegetarians in my large group of friends. The majority of them eat meat, but on holy days, they stick to vegetarian diets. Not everyone does that, though.

MYTH NUMBER #3- Hindus Are Only In India

Actually, no. Because of how vast the Indian Empire stretched, Hinduism spread to a lot of other countries, and you can find a few Hindus in Afghanistan, some in Pakistan, in Bangladesh, in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Native Hindus I mean.

MYTH NUMBER #4- Girls Who Wear Red Dots/Bindis in the middles of their eyebrows are married

Sometimes. When I go to Indian dance lessons, I sometimes wear a red bindi, if it matches my outfit. There’s no such rule that only married women should wear red bindis, because I’m DEFINITELY NOT MARRIED😂

That’s all for this post! I might do a part two of this post, if I find any other interesting myths.

What did you find interesting about these myths? Did you hear any of them before? Is there anything you guys think I should include?

Until the next post! Anna💝

50 thoughts on “Myths About Hinduism”

  1. I love this post! It’s so cool that you’re vegetarian too!! 😎 and yeah haha I wear all sorts of bindis and it has nothing to do with my marital status 😅

  2. I love this post!! I’ve definitely learned a lot from this, though I’m relieved to say that I knew a bit about these debunked myths since I have some friends who are Hindu too 😉 Also, girl, I totally feel you on the workload – I’m currently drowning in it! Hope you’re doing okay tho! 💖

    1. Aww thanks! I’m glad you learnt something and I’m even more glad you knew them already! Yeah the workload’s kind of tough but tysm:) Hope it gets easier on you ❤ ❤

  3. loved this post!! and the wearing the red bindhi one ahaha used to be so paranoid whenever i wore a red quirky stick on bindhi or a shade of pink people would mistake be for married 😂

    1. Thank you!! Aahhh the bindi predicamet😂 No one would mistake me for married, they’d just be really curious like, doesn’t a red bindi mean you’re taken and i’m like omg heck no😂😂

      1. tbf, people think I look like im 17 or something 😂 but I’m just lowkey paranoid and I guess wearing rings on my hand doesn’t help with people’s curiosity of whether I’m taken or not 😂 and just like you all chill I aint marriage ready 🙄

    1. Hi! Thank you for the feedback:) Just confirming things, this wasn’t supposed to be an article, it is a blog post, which is usually short and sweet. It is a personal blog, so I write things from my perspective and relate to things that have happened. You are right, the post could have been longer, but my readers would have been a tiny bit bored considering all I’ve written are long posts the past few weeks.

      Also, I wrote this at my school’s bus stop waiting for somebody to pick me up and while talking to my friends at the same time, because it was scheduled for that day and it wasn’t letting me reschedule the post.

      India has given so much to the world, and I am proud to be Indian-Aussie however this was a common myth busting post so I couldn’t include everything 🙂 Thank you so much for your feedback, and I will definitely read what you wrote! Anna xx

  4. I agree with every thing you said! Hinduism is really more than that. I have a question, if you don’t mind… Are you indian?
    Also when I wear the red bindi, people go like “em wut the hell?” and I’m definitely NOT married cause I’m definitely NOT ready!😂 I just like wearing them to parties or stuff like that, I think they’re beautiful! And NO! All Hindus are NOT vegetarian, except they can’t eat beef cause of the first myth you mentioned, but I mean, who can resist CHICKEN?!!? 😂😂
    Nice post,
    Srisha/CookieGirl xx

    1. Yes i am indian! Exactly! They’re like erm are you taken? And im like people i dont believe in the word “taken” unless im being adopted😂 i think they’re beautiful too! And i wear them to desi parties because i love them! Ikr!! Not all of us are vegetarian😂 ahaha i have some friends who LIVE for chicken😂😂
      Thank you!
      Anna xxxx

  5. Ok, I just read the comment above me, and you’re indian-aussi! I’ll change the question.. Do you have that BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, LIKE SO FREAKING AWESOME Australian accent?

      1. GIMME THAT AUSTRALIAN ACCENT RIGHT NOWWW!!!! I’m from India but if I chose any nationality I could be, it would definitely be Indian-Australian! That would be so cool, also do you know this netflix series: The Unlisted, it’s Indian-Australian, and I literally fell in love with it! You should check it out! ITS. AMAZING

      2. GIMME THAT AUSTRALIAN ACCENT RIGHT NOWWW!!!!! I’m Indian, but if I could be from any nationality, it would definitely be Indian-Australian. That would be so cool, also have you watched this netflix series: The Unlisted, It’s Indian-Australian. You should totally check it out. I literally fell in love with it. IT’S. AMAZING.

      3. HAHAH I WISH I COULD!! Yes, actually! I finished that series ages ago! I also know which school the main characters go to in real life:)) It’s filmed around where I live! It was so cool knowing that I’ve been to those filming spots:)) AND YES, IT’S. AMAZING.

      4. Half way through, At the start, I hate the camera angle of those two…so, my friend group don’t really like it so they were busy criticizing it.😂😂

      5. Ahaha it’s actually a pretty good movie, and yeah the camera angles were shot weird but I found it okay, most of my friend’s watched it only for the swedish guy😂

      6. 😂😂yeah you wanna maybe send me a message through my contact page?? It looks like we have A LOT to talk abouttttt

  6. Aaahh finally I read it!! It was honestly interesting. Especially the one about vegetarians since I thought pure Hindus were originally veg and only ate meat because of outside influences.

    And also the one about Hindus being everywhere and not just in India. I really had to search that up because I was incredulous. Turns out there are Hindus in Indonesia too! ❤💥

    1. Haha yess finally!! Thank you:) There’s actually not really something called ‘pure hindus’, there’s just this disgusting caste system which would take a long time to explain haha.

      Yeah actually i didn’t really acknowledge that fact until i ran into a Bangladeshi Hindu guy this year:)

      Thank you for reading and your constant love and support bestie❤❤

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