Monthly Wrap-Ups

Monthly Wrap Up: May 2020

Welcome back to another monthly wrap up! I know it’s late again, and I’m super sorry but I have exams in 3 days, so I’m stuck with my books. Anyway…. we shall begin!


So there’s kind of a lot going on, because I have exams and I’m trying really hard to catch up with all the material online. So far I’m doing okay with the exam prep though. If I spend today taking notes, and the evening revising, then tomorrow it’s a long weekend (yayyy!) so I get to have one more day revising science and maths. Then on Tuesday there’s a science exam. My life is pretty jam-packed right now, and as a result kind of stressful I guess? I don’t know.

Oh, and, the #blacklivesmatter movement. A post’s gonna come out on this soon, so I’m going to elaborate more in that, but protests for indigenous Australians have started in Australia. Racism is horrible and cruel, and needs to be stopped. Also, some people have been saying, #alllivesmatter. And yes, they do. All lives are equally as important but in the current situation, please don’t make things harder than they already are. This is my opinion, and I really didn’t mean to offend anyone, I promise.

Educate yourselves, sign more petitions and remember, change starts with YOU.


I think I sort of wrapped up what happened in school in the life section pretty much😂 But……here goes. I think my crush actually likes me!! I’ve been trying to take a boy detox the past week, and I guess it’s kind of working because I don’t spend all my time thinking about him anymore. I leave only the morning before school, and breaks for that😂 So he is kind of older than me, and I guess I was kind of stupid for liking him in the first place but now he keeps staring at me then smiling (sighhhh) and his friends keep teasing him sooooo…. and my sister actually approved of him, so I guess this is going somewhere😂 Usually she has only really bad things to say about the boys I like but she. Actually. Liked. This. One. I’m so happpyyyy!!! And I just realised there’s a whole paragraph titled ‘school’ dedicated to my crush😂

I blame it on teenage hormones😂


A LOT of dreams in May have all had my crush in them. Again, I blame it on teenage hormones😂

Dream No 1. I had a dream where I was in the library drinking mango juice, and my crush was talking to the school principal, so I thought, omg he personally knows the principal!! Then I dropped my books and he bent to pick them up, and when he did that, I said “Is chivalry dead?” I don’t even know. 😂 Then he kind of picked me up and spun around😂

Dream No 2. I was making new dance choreo for our school, and I was in a recording studio with my crush, all his friends and all of my friends. Oh, and, with Selena Gomez.

Dream No 3. This happened in my pre-school classroom. I was walking around the room, trying to talk to somebody, but no-body was responding. Then I went to the teacher, and she gave me a Mickey Mouse chocolate bar 😂

Movies I Watched

Geetha Govindam

It’s a really nice movie, it’s funny and the guy’s kind of cute. It has these hilarious antics that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. The ending was also realllyyy cute. But I’m not gonna spoil it for any Indians who haven’t watched it already.

Happy Days- This is also a telugu movie but I couldn’t be bothered to find a picture and put it up😂 It’s actually really sweet and doesn’t have all the intense drama you’d expect in an Indian film. It recounts a group of friends’ adventures as they figure out college.

My Favorites This Month

Favorite Blog(s)

Actually, I enjoyed reading a LOT of blogs this month, but flawed_silence, is an awesome, awesome blog, and Kiya who writes the blog, writes amazing poetry which inspired me to start writing poetry again!

Favorite Food: Homemade pizza

Favorite Book: One Of Us Is Lying. Book review coming out soon!

Favorite Song: I have three this month! – Psycho Saiyaan from Saaho, Bad Boy From Saaho, and Bang Bang by Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. Oh and by the way, I listen to the telugu versions of Psycho Saiyaan and Bad Boy, because Prabhas who starred in Saaho is telugu and the Hindi version is equally as nice but I prefer the telugu ones.

Goal Checklist

Last Month’s Goals:

  • Read at least 3 books- I read two
  • Stop procrastinating homework – kinda
  • Double your workout time❌
  • Practice dance every day✔️
  • Make a schedule✔️
  • Stick to that schedule at least 6 days in a row✔️

May’s Goals:

  • Stop procrastinating homework
  • Just don’t procrastinate in general
  • Write in your journal more frequently

Aaaannnd that’s a wrap! How was your month? Anyone relate to the crush predicament? Any interesting/happy things happen to you in May? Comment below!

Anna xx

13 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: May 2020”

  1. Your dreams are hilarious!😂 I thought I was the only one who had really weird dreams hahaha. Also oh my god you’re so organized with your goals and everything, I need to start actually having a schedule in life😂

  2. One Of Us Is Lying is a phenomenal book and I can’t wait to read you review! 😂Hahah, it does sound like your crush likes you back and that’s a good sign!! ❤️For one of your goals your put dance more, what type of dance do you do?

  3. seems like you had a very productive may! loved reading what you got up to 😀

    all the best with your exams – rooting for you and i BELIEVE IN YOU, YOU GOT THIS ❤

    ooooh how exciting with your crush potentially having a crush on you too. and ay, your sis approves which is always the best feeling! hopefully it develops into something cute, and if not, fear not, there is plenty of time for cuteness in your future!

    i watched geetha govindam last month and it was so cute and adorable and funny and the guy is SUPER CUTE I AGREE hehe

    omg girrrrl, thank you for the mention and all the sweet supportive things you have said about me! and it's so heart melting to hear i've inspired your to write poetry again *melts into a puddle*

    can't wait for your book review cause then we can both fangirl and critic the book hehe, btw i recently found out there's a sequel to it – have you managed to get your hands on it yet?

    and ooooh girl, those songs, i've also been obsessed with this year.


    1. Thank you so much!!!

      Yes vijay is honestly super cute haha

      You’re welcomeee. Thank YOU for being such a supportive friend and fellow blogger. I literally don’t know what i would have done without you ❤

      Yesss I managed to get my hands on the sequel, and I also did a book review on that! They are such amazing books omg.

      ❤ ❤

  4. Good luck with your exams. What sort of dance do you do? I was having lessons once a week but they’re on hold at the moment due to social distancing rules. I also really need to reread One Of Us Is Lying so that I can refresh my memories of it before picking up the next one.

    1. Thank you!! They’re tomorrow and I’m up at night reading my textbook and doing some last minute revision:))) I do Bollywood, I do Indian classical, hip-hop, I’m okay at contemporary and I’d really like to learn ballet, jazz and tap. My lessons were going to be on hold but they’re running online currently:) Haha I’m currently reading One Of Us Is Next. Stay safe xx

      1. Ah well I hope it goes well (: That’s a lot of different styles! I hope you get to try out the others that you’re interested in one day. And that’s good that they’re doing them online (: Ooh cool, I hope you enjoy it 🙂 You too.

  5. Wait I need to congratulate you for your crush liking you back, like that never happens (to me 😂). We need to have a wedding now😂😂 Best of luck on your exams and keep talking to your crush😏

    1. Thank you😂😂 It’s so dfgshyegsgshhsg you get what I mean? And I’m sure there’s someone out there who likes you😂 Wait who’s wedding? 😂 Thank you so much, I just finished my science exam but the online segment got delayed due to technical difficulties uuggghhh and haha yes i will😅

      1. Your wedding with your crush of course!😂 Can I be the caterer, I’ll make sushi. I’ve always wanted to cater a sushi wedding. It is a very dghgjghgjgdjk feeling. I personally freak out and get really cautious about what I do, since someone is actually stalking me yay?!!😂 Good job on finishing science!

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