Monthly Wrap-Ups

Monthly Wrap Up: June 2020

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another monthly wrap up where I will be telling you how my month went! Don’t feel hesitant to drop by and say hi in the comments section because I truly love reading them!


This month when it comes to the general “life” factor was a pretty big month for me. An important lesson I learnt was to never keep feelings bottled up inside, and to always tell the truth. Because really, honesty is the best policy. A few things when it came to friendships and stuff was bothering me a lot this month, but now I can say that since I told someone I trust about my problems, I feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders.

If you ever feel unsure about what to do or what to say, make sure you always tell someone, and try to work it out. It’s never really a good idea to keep feelings bottled up inside you. And I’m not an expert or anything, but I have taken a few mental health and well being management classes so if you need to talk, I’m always available through my contact page!


School was..surprisingly not that stressful this month. Yayyy!! We had a few exams, but they were all pretty chill and I felt like I had revised pretty well so I honestly wasn’t that worried. I could have done better I guess, but it was a big change trying to adjust to being back on campus again so..

The only thing really bothering me is science, but I guess if I read more of the textbook I should be able to understand the topics better.

I feel like I really enjoyed school this month!This month was so full of drama, but I guess every teenager goes through that at one point or the other😂

Moments I’m Proud Of

I know I don’t usually do this in my wrap-ups, but Kiya, who, by the way, is an amazing blogger who you should totally go check out if you haven’t already, inspired me to start! it’s such a positive way of looking at things!

  • I did really well in my science exam this month. I actually thought I wouldn’t do that well, but I guess all that studying did pay off in the end!
  • I reached 100 followers on Instagram! Thank you guys so much for your support and love, I really appreciate it!
  • I made a study plan. I realised the importance of study plans this month, and now that I’ve made one, I feel so on top of everything. You guys should seriously start one as well.
  • I reached my goal of 100 sit ups at once! During quarantine, as much as I did try to dance and work out, I didn’t really get to, because I was a little too busy keeping up with my courses. After quarantine ended, I started dancing how much I normally do, and I started working out as well, and I finally did it!

My Favorites This Month

Favorite Blog: Bayance’s blog is so amazing. Actually. She’s so inspirational, has the best tips and her posts are so funny!

Favorite Food: Brownies! For some reason, I have been addicted to them this month.

Favorite Book: En Pointe by Chloe Bayliss. I’m planning on writing a book review post about this soon, because it was such an inspirational book. If you are a dancer, or you feel like life’s thrown some of its hardest challenges at you, I totally recommend this book.

Favorite Movie: Namastey London. This is the first Bollywood movie I’m going to be writing a review on, so I’m super excited!

Favorite Song: Dheere Dheere is a Hindi song that I have been listening to this month. The music is amazing, and the lyrics are so cheesily romantic. Even if you don’t speak or understand Hindi, you totally need to check this song out. You can listen to it here.

Goals Checklist

Last Month’s Goals:

  • Stop procrastinating homework✔️
  • Just don’t procrastinate in general- 0.5
  • Write in your journal more frequently❌
  • WORKOUT!!✔️
  • DANCE MORE!!!✔️

July’s Goals:

  • Don’t procrastinate in general
  • Write in your journal/bullet journal
  • Stick to your study plan
  • Do some self study every day

For last month’s goals I achieved a total of 3.5 out of 5! Hopefully I can beat that score this month!

And that’s a wrap! How was your month? What are you most proud of achieving this month? Tell me in the comments!

Anna xx

15 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: June 2020”

  1. This is such a great post! I hope you did well on your exams and I’m glad the life stuff got sorted out 👍🏻😀 I attempted to do a monthly wrap up too, so you should check it out! 🙂

    1. Awh thanks!! I did pretty okay on my exams, actually. Haha yes I am too! Ofc I’ll go check it out rn!! :))

  2. Wow! I love how you sum up everything you’ve done in a month, give yourself goals to complete and then grade yourself upon that. It clearly shows how sorted you are. Now, I’m gonna try doing the same… thanks to you!

    1. aww thank you so much! yayy im glad you decided to start! and because of me…you are too sweet!! ❤ ❤

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