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How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Being Unproductive

Hey beautiful people!

I know this post is a bit different to my other posts, but I felt this needed to be talked about. I realised that lately, even though I’ve been making schedules, I haven’t been able to stick to them. And that’s why I decided to write a post on how not to feel guilty about not being productive, because sometimes we just need to take a break and look after ourselves.

The first thing y’all need to understand is that being productive is different to being busy. You can be busy with a range of things: having too many tasks to complete, having a full schedule, too many extracurriculars etc. But being productive means getting things done effectively and well. If you feel like you have way too many priorities or things going on, maybe it’s time to take a little break, step back and discharge. Sometimes we need it.


Understand that being unproductive is normal. You can’t expect everyday to be perfect! However, if there are several days in a week where you have a whole schedule planned out but you just can’t concentrate and end up doing whatever you want to, maybe it is time to take a breather. Put aside one day a week where you can just concentrate on yourself, listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite movie etc.


Don’t compare yourself to other people. Everyone is different, and everyone grows at different rates. One way to stop comparing yourself to others is to minimise the amount of time spent mindlessly scrolling through social media. Social media often isn’t as it is portrayed and usually people’s lives aren’t as they seem.


Don’t let your tasks become a chore. If something doesn’t come easily, you can’t force yourself to keep at it. If you feel like what you’re doing is boring and you really can’t concentrate, take a break. Go for a walk, listen to some music, have a small dance party(I’m often guilty of this!). When you think you’re back in your zone, continue trying to do what you were doing.

Remember that being unable to concentrate and having bad days is normal. If you never have bad days, then you ain’t human. Also remember that my inbox and my DMs are always open if you need someone to talk to. I’m not a professional, but sometimes you just have to let out feelings.

I really hope that this blog post helped you realise that you don’t need to feel guilty about not being productive. And hopefully with these tips, you’ve regained some productivity!

Did these tips help you? What are your top productivity techniques?

Also, I have a quick announcement! I made a new blogging schedule for myself, and starting from after this post, I’m going to be posting every Sunday! So don’t forget to drop by here for a chat every Sunday.

See you next Sunday, and I’m really hoping I’ll stick to my blogging schedule this time(fingers crossed hahaha)


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23 thoughts on “How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Being Unproductive”

  1. This was such a good post to read! I have a daily to do list, and I feel so upset if I don’t do everything on the list, but it’s true! If we can’t do it don’t force it! Great post Anna! Also, if you maybe can’t post every Sunday you could write your posts up a different day and schedule them for Sunday!

  2. Wait, are you allowed to feel guilty when you know you should be doing something but instead you are just to lazy to get off your bum??😂😂 Great post!! I think taking a breather is a great way to lead a healthy schedule!🙂

  3. My top productivity tips are to derive inspiration from a range of sources and just treat yourself with grace when things don’t go to plan! Really just adding onto all your wonderful, insightful points. Great post Anna! Good luck with your posting schedule also. You’ve got this!

    1. Lovely tips Maryam! I think treating yourself with grace when things don’t go as planned is really important! Thank you x

  4. Great tips! I think it’s so important to not feel guilty about being unproductive. Honestly, for me inspiration is not a constant thing. Sometimes, I get so excited to get things done that I spend the whole day working on them. But on other days, I don’t get excited anymore, which results in, me being unproductive.
    Thank you for sharing these tips! It’s definitely gonna help me 💜

  5. This is what I needed to hear today! I think I’m too hard on myself when I’m not productive so, sometimes I’ll do work while watching a movie as to feel somewhat productive with my leisure time! Great post and it’s something I think everyone needs to hear at one point or another👌

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