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Mean Girls: Movie Review

Hey guys!

Mean Girls Star Rating (my opinion):

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a movie review blog post, so I decided to write one today! I’ll be reviewing Mean Girls, and I hope you enjoy this post! This review doesn’t contain any spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the movie, you can still keep reading.

My Expectations:

Honestly, I didn’t really expect anything from the movie before watching it. I did have some idea of what it was going to be about, because my friends often talked about it, so I thought it was the average teenage rom-com.

My Thoughts:

Mean Girls is a really good movie, with a moral in the end, which I think is really important for coming of age movies to contain. Lindsay Lohan played the main character, Cady, a fifteen year old girl who recently moved from the jungle in Africa to an American high school. Here she meets a girl, Janis, who informs her about the various ‘cliques’ in high school, and tells her to watch out for the main clique, ‘The Plastics’. While I do agree that high schools do contain cliques, I thought that the cliques in the Mean Girls were grossly exaggerated.

So in terms of being to par with reality, The Mean Girls doesn’t really do that. Sure, bullying is a common thing in high school. and there are ‘cliques’ of students but it was all very, very exaggerated in the movie. The queen bee of the ‘Plastics’, a character I absolutely hated in the movie, did get what she deserved, though. That proves that karma does bite you back!

Overall Thoughts : I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. One star less because I kind of didn’t like the way things were grossly exaggerated, but then again, it is a movie, and I do not think it was meant to resemble real life fully. According to Australian standards, the movie is rated M for mature, so I don’t recommend watching with younger siblings. It also has a lot of language and mature themes which you should take into consideration before watching the movie. If you guys haven’t watched the movie trailer, watch it below!

If you already watched The Mean Girls, what did you think of the movie?

Did you think some parts of the movie were painfully exaggerated, or did you think they were fairly accurate?

If you haven’t watched the movie yet, are you going to go watch now?

I really, really enjoyed writing this movie review post, and I think I’m going to do this more often! Thank you for all the support xx


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20 thoughts on “Mean Girls: Movie Review”

  1. Mean Girls is one of my all time favourite movies! Sure, it’s over exaggerated, but come on! Tina Fey wrote it, so really, what did you expect??? Great post anyway😘

    1. yes omg same! i actually didn’t know tina fey wrote it before i watched haha. I watched it, then I realised she wrote it:) Then it made sense lol! Thank you Cassie ❤

  2. i watched mean girls for the first time a long time ago, but I re-watch it every year. i really liked the movie, but I agree with you: it’s over exaggerated. but, at the end, it was great movie and I enjoy every time I watch it.
    i just uploaded my first post on my blog, so it would be great if you check it out and comment your opinion. (sorry for self promoting).

    1. yes i re-watched it three times haha! yayy twinsies:) yeah it was an amazing movie and i really enjoyed it! Omg ofc I’ll check it out! On my way rn lovely<3 if you have any questions, you can always DM or email me to say hi!

  3. I lovee mean girls! ❤And I’ve seen the movie so so many times but I’d still like to watch again! 😌And I agree that’s mostly because of cady’s message in the end.

    Plus I think it was a little exaggerated in some parts too😂 The funny thing is, I saw this film before I went to high school so I pretty much expected it to be a rough version of mean girls😂🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ (or so I remember)


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