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Tips On Making 2021 An Awesome Year!

Hi guys!

I’ve been MIA for WAY too long. But I have officially come back to the blogosphere again! This post is about having the best possible 2021, since 2020 was pretty much ruined because of COVID-19. But 2020 did teach us some valuable lessons, which I will put together in another post. Meanwhile, keep reading!

Tip #1

NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!! These are so, so important, and will help you immensely if you stick to them. I’ll also be making another post on how to make effective new year’s resolutions, just in case you guys need it! Make sure your resolutions are realistic and achievable, and a make sure they are personal to you and what you want to do! Never feel pressured to do something you don’t want to.

Tip #2

Buy a planner. Planners are super helpful, and will give you an insight on what your year will look like! I recently started a new planner, and my life feels so organized already. I’ll link some super cool planners down below. These aren’t affiliate links, I’m just doing this because I found some really cute planners on amazon and eBay!

Tip #3

Reach out to old friends that you may not talk to as much nowadays. It’ll make you feel so much better, trust me.

Tip #4

Start trying to focus on just yourself, family and close friends. I cannot stress how important this tip is. Often we put all our energy onto something we don’t even know will work out or not, and that’s where a lot of our problems are. If something’s really yours, it WILL come to you!

Tip #5

Push yourself! This is probably the most important of all my tips. This year, make sure you really get out there and do whatever you’ve been wanting to do. Push yourself to your limit, but make sure you know your boundaries. Remember, it’s always better an oops that a what if. Also remember that if you’re straining too much and you feel tired, take a break.

That’s the end of today’s post! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing for this blog again! I will be more regular from now, I promise. Thank you guys so much for your love!

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Here are some links for really cute planners!! :




The above planners are from Amazon and eBay Australia so if you live overseas and wanted to buy one, I’m really sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience:) If you did, however, buy a planner using the above links, comment below or send me a DM on Instagram!

What are you New Year’s Resolutions?

Do you use planners?

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Love you!


15 thoughts on “Tips On Making 2021 An Awesome Year!”

    1. Happy new years to you too!!! Minr’s going well, i feel i’m on top of everything so far, but we’re going to have to see how long that’s going to go on for haha! How’s yours x

      1. Ahhh lucky! I feel behind on life already but I think that for as long as I’m living, I’ll feel a little behind. I’m getting used to it haha! My year hasn’t been bad tho, so hopefully it continues that way! xx 💛


    Last year for Christmas my director got me such a cute inspiring planner and I was so melted! All the days were labelled as my marvellous Thursday or Lovely Wednesday and had tags such as YOU NAILED IT, WELL DONE SO PROUD OF YOU and it was so adorable!! Tip 4 is something I started implementing last year! Dropping meaningless/toxic bonds with people and vibing to myself 😀 Feel so much happier and lighter! I don’t do New Year Resolutions anymore…but I have goals I want to achieve that may be ongoing ect


      aww that’s so nice of your director!! last year for Christmas my friend got me a planner and i am literally so obsessed with it rn! It’s the best:) so proud of you for dropping toxic bonds with people ahh ❤ you go akka!! I hope you achieve every single goal that you want to ! xx

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