I Got Nominated For The Real Neat Blog Award!

Guyyyysss! I'm so over the moon right now and I'm super happy! I got nominated for The Real Neat Blog Award by the awesome, awesome Princess from The Mindful Modus. She has amazing self care tips on her blog and if you haven't already, CHECK IT OUT!!! Noooowwww!! RULES: 1. Put the award logo on… Continue reading I Got Nominated For The Real Neat Blog Award!

Monthly Wrap-Ups

Monthly Wrap Up: April 2020

Heyyyyyy. I know I'm a bit late for an April wrap up, because we're already 5 days into May(omg!), but here it is now. And can I just say, this is my first ever monthly wrap up for me! Yayyy! I can't believe I started my blog just this month. I'm honestly on cloud 9… Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: April 2020


My Quarantine Workout Routine

Ever since quarantine started, I've been trying to take this positively, and do something constructive. I've been reading, writing blog posts, and........WORKING OUT!! Yes! Anna is finally starting to get off the couch and do something other than dance! I thought I'd share what workouts I do, and my workout routine with you guys! First:… Continue reading My Quarantine Workout Routine

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Positivity During Covid-19

Many of us feel scared, helpless and the total opposite of positive during these tough times. Why? Because we have the news on 24/7, everyone talks only about the corona virus, and a bunch of other stuff related to these two things(I couldn't be bothered writing all of them 😋). I decided to write this post,… Continue reading Positivity During Covid-19