10 Favorite Feelings Tag

Hey!! I am back again and this time with a tag! I've just been trying to get through all the tags and awards I've been nominated for, so we have a few more coming up. Thank you to everyone who nominated me! It really means a lot, and it encourages me to keep blogging. I… Continue reading 10 Favorite Feelings Tag

Monthly Wrap-Ups

Monthly Wrap Up: April 2020

Heyyyyyy. I know I'm a bit late for an April wrap up, because we're already 5 days into May(omg!), but here it is now. And can I just say, this is my first ever monthly wrap up for me! Yayyy! I can't believe I started my blog just this month. I'm honestly on cloud 9… Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: April 2020

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Get To Know Me!

Hey! How are you all? I know I should have done this post a long, long, time ago, but the thought only occurred to me now. *typical me*. So this post has random questions, and I'm going to answer all of them truthfully......kind of. Jk, I will😂 . So....what are we waiting for? Let's dive right… Continue reading Get To Know Me!