My Weekday Morning Routine

Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything on here in a while. That's because I was having a rough few weeks, but things look like they're going to sort themselves out now, which I'm really happy about! During the two weeks I was away, I received a few emails from fellow bloggers just… Continue reading My Weekday Morning Routine

Monthly Wrap-Ups

Monthly Wrap Up: June 2020

Hey guys! Welcome back to another monthly wrap up where I will be telling you how my month went! Don't feel hesitant to drop by and say hi in the comments section because I truly love reading them! Life This month when it comes to the general "life" factor was a pretty big month for… Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: June 2020

Book, Movies and Song Reviews

Book Review: One Of Us Is Next by Karen M. Mcmanus

Hey lovelies! So recently I read an amazing book, called One of Us Is Next, written by Karen M. McManus, and I decided to write a review on it! There are absolutely no spoilers in this review, so you can read it whether or not you have read the book before. Let's start! Blurb: Another… Continue reading Book Review: One Of Us Is Next by Karen M. Mcmanus


10 Favorite Feelings Tag

Hey!! I am back again and this time with a tag! I've just been trying to get through all the tags and awards I've been nominated for, so we have a few more coming up. Thank you to everyone who nominated me! It really means a lot, and it encourages me to keep blogging. I… Continue reading 10 Favorite Feelings Tag