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Mean Girls: Movie Review

Hey guys! Mean Girls Star Rating (my opinion): ★★★★ It's been a while since I've done a movie review blog post, so I decided to write one today! I'll be reviewing Mean Girls, and I hope you enjoy this post! This review doesn't contain any spoilers, so if you haven't watched the movie, you can… Continue reading Mean Girls: Movie Review

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My Answers To The Q and A Questions! : Part 1

Hey! Some time ago, I asked y'all to comment your questions for the q & a I was planning to do. And it's finally here! Thank you for commenting your questions and this was really fun to do. So let's get into it! Gracie : If you had to choose between only being able to… Continue reading My Answers To The Q and A Questions! : Part 1

Book, Movies and Song Reviews

Book Review: One Of Us Is Next by Karen M. Mcmanus

Hey lovelies! So recently I read an amazing book, called One of Us Is Next, written by Karen M. McManus, and I decided to write a review on it! There are absolutely no spoilers in this review, so you can read it whether or not you have read the book before. Let's start! Blurb: Another… Continue reading Book Review: One Of Us Is Next by Karen M. Mcmanus


Black Lives Matter

Disclaimer: This post contains my thoughts and opinions, and it is not my intention to hurt anybody because I love y'all. I decided to write this post seeing so much happening around the world. I understand this is a sensitive topic to be discussed, but please remember to keep comments mindful and respectful. Lotta love… Continue reading Black Lives Matter


10 Favorite Feelings Tag

Hey!! I am back again and this time with a tag! I've just been trying to get through all the tags and awards I've been nominated for, so we have a few more coming up. Thank you to everyone who nominated me! It really means a lot, and it encourages me to keep blogging. I… Continue reading 10 Favorite Feelings Tag

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Monthly Wrap Up: May 2020

Welcome back to another monthly wrap up! I know it's late again, and I'm super sorry but I have exams in 3 days, so I'm stuck with my books. Anyway.... we shall begin! Life So there's kind of a lot going on, because I have exams and I'm trying really hard to catch up with… Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: May 2020


Why You Should Start A Dream Diary Right Now!

Yo whassup! I know that was probably the weirdest and most cringe worthy of all my blog openings but you guys got to deal with it because I'm weird. Two blog posts in a week? I'm so proud of myself 😁! Thank you guys for motivating me to keep blogging because honestly, this blog would… Continue reading Why You Should Start A Dream Diary Right Now!

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Get To Know Me!

Hey! How are you all? I know I should have done this post a long, long, time ago, but the thought only occurred to me now. *typical me*. So this post has random questions, and I'm going to answer all of them truthfully......kind of. Jk, I will😂 . So....what are we waiting for? Let's dive right… Continue reading Get To Know Me!


My Quarantine Workout Routine

Ever since quarantine started, I've been trying to take this positively, and do something constructive. I've been reading, writing blog posts, and........WORKING OUT!! Yes! Anna is finally starting to get off the couch and do something other than dance! I thought I'd share what workouts I do, and my workout routine with you guys! First:… Continue reading My Quarantine Workout Routine